Mechanical Anchors and Fasteners, Gas and Epoxy Fastening Systems

  • Expansion Anchors (Power-Bolt®, Power-Stud™, Lok-Bolt™, Set-Bolt™)
  • Screw Anchors (Wedge-Bolt®, Tapper®)
  • Bolt & Shield Anchors Steel Dropin™, Single™, Calk-In™, Lag Shield™, and Snake“)
  • Rod Hanging Systems (Bang-It™ Concrete Insert, Wood-Knocker™, Vertigo®)
  • Impact Anchors (Spike®, Drive);
  • Pin Anchors (Zamac Hammer-Screw®, Zamac Nailin®, Nylon Nailin®)
  • Powder Actuated Fastening Systems
  • Gas Fastening Systems (Trak-It® C3 & C3-ST, C4-LT, Pins, Nails, Fuel, Accessories)
  • Other Miscellaneous (Anchor L-Bolt, Adhesives & Foam, Epoxy Systems, Lag Shied, Roofing, Toggle Wing Anchors)