Clevis Pin, Cotter Pin, Detent Pin, Dowel Pin, D-Ring, Drill Rod, Drive Pins, Groove Pin, Hitch Pin, Key Ring, Key Stock, Lynch Pin, Pull Dowel Pin, Retaining Ring, Snap Ring, Snapper Pin, Spring (Roll) Pin, Taper Pin, Woodruff Key
Clevis Pins - SAE Standard 
Pins are cold-formed for strength from C1010-C1018 steel.  A versatile and economical fastener manufactured to standard SAE dimensions;  cold-formed for strength from low-carbon (1010-1018) steel.
Clevis Pins - Adjustable
Quick replacement pin features a series of holes making it adaptable to varying lengths. Use the diameter that fits your application and cut off the excess length. Easily replaces bolts, cotter pins or rivets on all types of equipment. 
                                                Clevis Pins - Projection Weld
                                                 C1010 high welding, quality steel, with bottom projections and top projections. 
Cotter Pins
Cotter Pins are precision made and are ideal for use with Clevis Pins;  available in plain and zinc plated, as well as 302 stainless steel.  Note:  Length of the pin is measured from under the head to the end of the shorter prong.
                                                Drill Rod
                                                 Polished drill rods with surfaces are ground to a finish of better than 40 micro inches; typically rounds suitable for drills, taps, dies, arbors,                                                  balancing shafts, milling tools, etc.
Hairpin Cotters (Bridge Pins)
Hairpin Cotters are reusable and ideal for quick assembly and disassembly applications. Hairpin Cotters are reusable and ideal for quick assembly and disassembly applications.
Hairpin Clips
For ease of assembly, Hairpin Clips are an ideal, reusable fastener. Uses can be found on small and large equipment with shaft sizes from 1/8" to 1". 
Hitch Pins
Hitch Pins feature high shear strength material, easy swivel-grip pull ring and a high tension hairpin cotter. They are made of a medium carbon steel - hardened to a Rockwell core hardness of Rc 25-34 and are zinc plated with a yellow dichromate dip for corrosion resistance.
Hitch Pins - Bent
One of today's most popular hitch components. This versatile pin is most widely used as a quick and simple disconnect for trailer hitch receivers. Made of high quality carbon steel and zinc plated. Pins come complete with plated hairpin cotter.
Hitch Pins - Cotterless  (Detent Pin)
Popular Hitch Pin features a ball locking mechanism in place of a cotter pin and is easy to insert and remove for quick disconnect applications. 
                                                Hitch Pins with Lynch Pins Attached
                                                  Lynch Pins are electroplated and yellow dichromate dipped. Chains are zinc plated. Lynch pin is #63-01 described below.
Keys - Standard Machinery
Quality standard machinery keys eliminate the labor and cost of cutting and filing key stock or bar stock to size. Available in thousands of sizes, precut and finished from square, rectangular and metric stock.
Keys - Woodruff
Machined from 1035 steel, Woodruff Keys (Half Moon Keys) are available from stock in 50 S.A.E. standard sizes. Special sizes are available on special order.
Lanyards can help prevent the loss of many of other assembly fasteners.  Types A, B, C and D are available in either 3/64" galvanized steel or Type 304 stainless steel and nylon-coated to a 1/16" outside diameter. Types E and F are 1/16" outside diameter. Types E and F are 1/16" galvanized steel, nylon coated to a 3/32" outside diameter.
Lynch Pins
Lynch Pins are designed to be one of the most effective disconnect fasteners in the market. Forged for maximum strength, these pins are zinc electroplated and dichromate dipped for corrosion resistance. The design of the self-locking ring allows the pin to be securely held in place and provides an easy grip for quick removal.
Lock Pins
Popular, quick connect and disconnect pins used on equipment and shafts up to 2-1/2" in diameter.