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Line Card

Component Products for OEM Manufacturers

Die cast, lost wax, steel, gray & ductile for auto, refrigeration, ag & industrial market.
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CNC Machined Parts
Quality, cost effective supply solutions for CNC parts.
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Steel, Stainless & Brass for Automotive, Agriculture, Valve, Rail Car and Industrial Markets.
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Fasteners & Adhesives
All styles of engineered fasteners, screws, bolts, nuts, and adhesives.
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Steel stampings and deep drawn parts, small to large, simple to complicated designs.
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Spacers, bushings, panel fasteners, plugs, circuit board, wire clips, fasteners & more...
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Latches, Hinges, Bumpers, Knobs, Handles, Tube Connectors, Leg Levelers, Brackets, Clamps and more...
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Turnkey Assemblies
Sub-Assemblies, Hardware Kitting, Special Packaging, Serialized Bar Code Product Labeling...
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Wire Forms
Wire forms, all shapes and sizes, unlimited designs,  tight tolerances on length and angle dimensions.
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Electrical Components
Terminal blocks, fuses, diodes, plugs, ext cords, wiring devices and more...
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Small parts fabrication and assembly made from sheet, tubing and pipe in steel, aluminum and stainless.
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Slit Coil, Sheet and Blanks, Welded Steel Tube, CW and ERW Pipe, Wire and more...
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Supplying Component Parts and Assemblies to OEM Manufacturers

why choose us...
Cost Reductions:  Leverage Purchase Partners VMI inventory specialist’s expertise to develop a solution that provides for accurate inventory levels, improved purchase prices, reduced overhead costs, and the elimination of traditional paper-based procurement. Read more ...


When You Team Up With Purchase Partners,
You Work Smarter, Faster, and More Efficiently!


Dedicated to shipping the correct product and quantities, on-time, and packaged and labeled the way you need and expect it!


We are a 5-Star supplier when it comes to delivering quality products!
We are dedicated to providing the highest
quality parts at competitive prices.


We pride ourselves on being an industry leader with advanced technologies. Our CIN Portal, 360° integration of customer forecasts, & advanced VMI solutions to name a few.
Global Sourcing can be highly complex, labor intensive and time consuming.
If you’re happen to find a potential international supplier during an internet search, how do you know the supplier is as good as they look on paper?  How much time will you have to spend on supplier qualification, RFP management, bid analysis spreadsheets, or a myriad of other tasks associated with sourcing?  
Our customers  look to Purchase Partners for strategic sourcing solutions within our deep, qualified supplier base.  
We understand that many of our customers have some level of experience in working with international suppliers.  However, many of our customers have moved products they purchase from other direct offshore suppliers to Purchase Partners as they have realized cost savings and an improved supply solution.

RFP Solutions   Our Global RFP management software is a highly efficient, cutting-edge tool that is a step above traditional strategic sourcing.  It employs smart technology, linking product categories, keywords, and other criteria to identify best fit suppliers in an organized, structured and repeatable process.

our global sourcing solution at a glance

  • Robust, yet simple sourcing solution
  • Significant reduction in cycle times to process RFP for our customers
  • Provides opportunity for customers to release inventory, same day, from stock in smaller quantities as needed
  • Transfer of inventory ownership from customer to Purchase Partners
  • Significant reductions in customer investment in on-hand inventory
  • Total realized costs savings, hard and soft costs

our global sourcing solution puts an end to

  • Uncertainty that an offshore supplier will be able to deliver a quality product, on-time and at a favorable cost
  • Impossible–to–find sourcing data within your own database
  • Exhausintg searches for suppliers for specialty products
  • Pairing smaller offshore shipments to offset freight and other customs' costs
  • Not sourcing product categories that do not get sourced at all

Our Quality

ISO 9001:2015 QMS
ISO 9001:2015 QMS

Quality Policy Statement

Purchase Partners maintains an ISO9001:2015 Certified QMS and is fully committed to being the leading supply partner of quality component parts.

It is our policy to continuously and aggressively implement the best demonstrated quality practices that will enable us to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers.

Our QMS provides the infrastructure to continually review all processes in all departments throughout the year.



Our in-house quality assurance lab is equipped with destructive and non-destructive testing apparatus making sure that our products meet the high standards required by our valued customers.

Specific inspection instructions are attached to each part number, as well as pictures of critical part dimensions, blueprints, history of prior QC issues and past inspection results.

Our QC lab maintains a robust, controlled, inbound QC inspection process with complete, 100% lot traceability.

American Society for Quality
American Society for Quality
Purchase Partners staff are members of the "American Society for Quality".

ASQ is the world's leading membership organization devoted to quality. ASQ has the knowledge, tools, expertise and resources to inspire higher levels of quality performance.

Culture of Quality
Culture of Quality
Quality is a cornerstone of our company’s culture, and is considered the personal responsibility of all employees.

To maintain quality at the highest level in all areas of our business, we aim to:

1. exceed our customer’s expectations by delivering quality products in a consistent, timely manner
2. cultivate and maintain a commitment to continual improvement
3. communicate our objectives to every employee
4. promote a working environment providing continual training and resources