Latches Dow, Visible, Concealed
Draw Latches, Visible Push-To-Close (Turn, Slide and Pull to Open), Concealed Push-To_Close (Remote Actuated, Push to Open, Pull to Open)
Hinges External, Concealed
External Hinges (Positioning, Removable, Free Swinging), Embedded Hinges (Torque Cartridge, Counterbalanced), Concealed Hinges
Handles Flush, Pull, Surface Mount
Flush, Low Profile Handles & Pulls (Flush Lockable & Concealed Pull, Lift Handle), Surface Mount Handles (Lightweight, Wire Pull, Grab)
Aircraft, Instrument, Ball, Medical Equipment, Metric, Lawn, Exercise, Laboratory, Packaging, Revolving, T-Handles, Hospital, Food Service Knobs & Handles.
Bumpers Conical, Hemispherical, Square, Recessed
Rubber feet and adhesive rubber feet, made in various shapes and sizes, used in thousands of applications.
Hose Clamps Worm Drive, Single and Double Ear, Spring Loaded
Mini Clips, Worm Drive, Single and Double Ear, Quick Release, Serrated, Lined, Constant Tension & T-Bolt
Strut and Cable Tray Hardware
Center Hangers, Pipe Hangers, Bridle Rings, Spring Nuts, Washer Splice Kits, Spring Steel Clips
Beam Clamps
Beam clamps made from Carbon Steel, Malleable Iron, Forged Steel & Stainless designed to attach hanger rods to structural members without drilling or welding.
Tube Connectors and Threaded Inserts
Heat treated clips provide solid connection to round and square tubing.
Glides and Leg Levelers
Adjustable, Nail, Swivel, Heavy Duty and Snap-On Glides and Leg Levelers.
Brackets Steel and Stainless
Flat, Bent, Punched, Welded Brackets and Fittings
Caps and Plugs Caps, Plugs, Thread Protectors
Plastic caps and plugs, netting, tubing, containers and masking devices.
Latches, Hinges, Bumpers, Knobs, Handles, Springs, Tube Connectors, Leg Levelers, Brackets, Hose Clamps, Caps and Plugs and more...