Offering Fully Threaded, Double End, High Temperature/ Low Temperature Studs in All Material, Organic, Galvanized and Dip Spin Finishes. 
Continuous-thread studs are threaded from end to end and are often used for flange bolting with two nuts applied.
Type 1 - General purpose. The length of this type is measured from end to end. Threads are UNRC-2A.
Type 2 - Studs for temperature-pressure piping. These studs are made to the dimensional standard requirements of ANS B16.5 and have a length measurement requirement different from all other studs, i.e., the length is measured from first thread to first thread, exclusive points. Points are flat and chamfered. Threads are UNRC-2A for all sizes 1 in. and under and 8UNR-2A for all sizes over 1 in.