Supplying engineered spring steel fasteners to the following industries:  
Metal Buildings, Construction, HVAC, Appliances, Commercial Lighting, Electronics, Lawn & Garden, Medical

The Tinnerman® product line creates highly-engineered connection systems that help simplify and revolutionize the way products are assembled, creating solutions for customers like you — which range from transportation to commercial application solutions. 

From appliances to electronics to construction to medical and beyond, Tinnerman® offers products that connect the world one piece at a time. 



  • Tinnerman® Trim Clip Fasteners
  • Tinnerman® U-Type Fasteners
  • Tinnerman® S-Clip Fastener


  • Tinnerman® Nut Retainers
    • Tinnerman® Self-Anchoring Nut Retainers
      • Tinnerman® J-Type Nut Retainers
        • Tinnerman® U-Type Nut Retainer
          • Tinnerman® Bolt Retainers Rear Mounting Clips
  • Palnut® Plastic Push-On Caps
  • Tinnerman® Clinch Type Plastic Fasteners
  • Tinnerman® Button Head Dart Plastic Fasteners
  • Tinnerman® Wire Retainers and Tube Retainers
Note:  Tinnerman® Fasteners is the property of A Raymond Tinnerman.