The Definition Of Turnkey Purchasing Is Taking Multiple Purchases and Assembly Steps and Turning Them Into One, Single, Turnkey Assembled Item. 

Sub-Assemblies, Hardware Kitting in Poly-Bags, Special Corrugated Packaging, Serialized Bar Code Product Labeling

KITTING:  At Purchase Partners,  we operate three automated packaging lines, in-house.  We help our customers achieve their packaging goals by providing a complete Turnkey Purchasing Solution to hardware bag packaging. We work closely with our customers to understand their key issues and requirements, developing a complete packaging solution that increases their productivity and profitability. 
SPECIAL PACKAGING:  We also provide custom packaging in customer's corrugated boxes or bins, applying privatized bar code labeling, and even segregating cartons by serializing lots for each and every carton.
ASSEMBLIES:  In addition to customized packaging, we routinely provide light assembly services, taking multiple component parts and assembly steps, converting them into one single Turnkey purchase.