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Abrasives, Adhesives and Sealants, Brass Fittings, Cleaning Wipes, Construction Tools and Saws, Cutting Tools, Drills, Taps, Reamers & Burs, Gloves/ Hand Protection, Electrical Connectors and Tools, Electrical Terminals and Fuses, Extension Cords, Fasteners, Fire Stop, Fittings, Flashlights and Batteries, Hose Clamps, Hand Tools, Ladders, Lighting, Trouble & Job Site Lights, Marking Pens, Measuring Tools, O-Rings, Retaining Rings and Clips, Pipe Clamps,Scaffold Moving Devices, Saw Blades, Screw Drivers and Insert Bits, Storage Equipment, Tape, Thread Locking Chemicals.    
Vending Machine and Tool Crib Solutions for MRO
Decreased Investment in Fixed Assets, Increased Inventory Visibility, and Quick Response to Demand
Efficient onsite logistics is critical to ensure that skilled maintenance personnel within your company receive the parts they need, when they need them, and not waste time ordering and tracking MRO purchases.  Our goal is to improve your efficiency and productivity levels through a just-in-time automated replenishment system for MRO tools ans supplies. 

  Reduce MRO spending and improve inventory controls within your plant by:

- Placing vending machines in customer plants that dispense cutting tools and other MRO supplies
- Controlling all MRO inventory transactions v. someone just grabbing them freely off the shelf
- Organizing lower cost items in bar coded bins that are scanned on a set interval
- Establishing a set replenishment schedule
- Providing complete usage reports and accountability of who is consuming supplies at the plant level