Vending Solution

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mro vending machine
MRO vending machine is defined as a solution that provides the consumer the ability to automatically dispense MRO consumable items within the production site, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  MRO vending machine solutions dispense product using coil or rotary style motorized movement of product to a drop area within the machine as well as storage lockers and cabinets with locking drawers and compartments. MRO vending machines can be configured to be accessed by a specific employee or group of employees, programmed to dispense a not to exceed quantity as well as within a specific time frame. They also provide real-time, electronic record keeping.
MRO vending machines monitor a critical minimum level of inventory set for each item; and, whenever any item falls below the minimum level, the machine notifies the supplier triggering replenishment. The design of MRO vending machines is to eliminate stock-outs, reduce waste/ pilferage and theft, control/ reduce consumption, collect data that can be used to forecast inventory needs based on the actual demand, automate ordering, receiving, stocking and maintaining inventory, and most importantly drive costs out of the bottom line.